Rose Sex Toy

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Rose Sex Toy Product Showcase (Partial)

Sucking Rose Vibrator Silicone

Price: $15.1 – $86.3

Common Functions of Rose Vibrators

1. Licking Function

Rose vibrators are equipped with a function that simulates the actions of a human tongue. Controlled by an intelligent chip, it can precisely mimic the sensation of licking. This design not only enhances the user experience but also allows adjustment of the frequency and intensity to meet different user needs, making it more user-friendly.

2. Vibration Function

The vibration function is a classic feature in rose adult toys. Rose vibrators use multi-segment vibration modes and various vibration frequencies to provide comprehensive pleasure. Users can easily adjust the settings through buttons or a remote control to find the vibration mode that suits them best.

3. Thrusting Function

The thrusting function incorporates a mechanical thrusting device in its internal structure, simulating actual push and pull movements. This design not only increases the realism of the experience but also effectively stimulates sensitive areas at different depths.

4. Rotating Function

Rose vibrators are also equipped with a rotating function. An internal rotating motor enables multi-directional and multi-angle rotational stimulation. This diverse rotation mode offers a unique pleasure experience, catering to various user needs.

5. Suction Function

Utilizing the principle of air pressure, the suction function simulates a realistic sucking sensation by adjusting the pressure and frequency. The suction function of rose vibrators allows users to select different intensities and rhythms, making the experience more authentic and comfortable.

6. Heating Function

The heating function is designed to simulate body temperature, making the usage process more lifelike. Rose vibrators use safe and reliable heating materials that can quickly warm up to a suitable body temperature and maintain a constant temperature for a long time, ensuring comfort and safety during use.

7. Tapping Function

The tapping function uses a mechanical tapping device to gently tap or strongly stimulate sensitive areas. This function in rose vibrators simulates the sensation of hand tapping and allows users to adjust the intensity and frequency of the taps according to their preferences, providing a diverse range of stimulation experiences.

8. Bluetooth Remote

Control Function
The Bluetooth remote control function allows users to control the device remotely via a mobile phone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. By downloading a compatible app and connecting via Bluetooth, users can adjust various functions remotely, enhancing convenience and adding an element of fun to the experience.

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