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Vibrating Egg 2 in1 Adult Toys Stimulator for Women

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Price: $19.9 – $49
Minimum Order Quantity: Yes
Customization available: Yes

Chick-shaped Appearance

With its chick-like appearance, this vibrating egg not only looks amusing and entertaining but also showcases a unique design sense and technological feel. The opened mouth of this device is the mysterious center of suction power, leading you into the world of happiness.

10 Sucking 10 Vibrating 2 in 1Modes

Featuring 10 sucking and 10 vibrating modes, you can freely choose and combine them according to your preferences.

Able to Stimulate Multiple Areas

Whether it’s the internal G-spot or the external clitoris, this vibrating egg is exceptionally adept at providing stimulation. It can effortlessly capture your moments and grant you intense pleasure. There are no restrictions when it comes to its specifications or shape.

Vibrating Egg 2 in1 Adult Toys function

Vibrating Egg 2 in1 Adult Toys size

Vibrating Egg 2 in1 Adult Toys use way 2

Vibrating Egg 2 in1 Adult Toys use way

Vibrating Egg 2 in1 Adult Toys waterproof

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