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Remote Vibrating Egg

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Price: $9.9 – $42.6
Minimum Order Quantity: Yes
Custom Available: Yes

Features of the Remote Vibrating Egg

The remote vibrating egg not only has a stylish appearance but also provides dual stimulation, allowing you to control it effortlessly with a remote controller. It is truly an outstanding adult product in the world of sexual pleasure! Let’s take a closer look at its features.

Purple U-shaped Design

With its elegant purple color, it gives a sense of mystery and nobility. Inspired by graceful curves, it perfectly contours to the body’s curves, providing both comfort and aesthetics. Even when placed on a bedside table, it can be a beautiful piece of art. Who says sexual pleasure products can’t be visually appealing?

Dual Stimulation, Inside and Out

This little egg not only offers powerful vibrations but also features a special stimulating protrusion, providing simultaneous stimulation to both your internal and external sensitive areas. Imagine the external vibrations giving you pleasure while the internal protrusion continuously stimulates you. It’s an irresistible sensation that will make you roll in waves of pleasure.

Remote Control Functionality

What’s even more important is that this vibrating egg can be controlled through a remote controller. This means you can hand the remote to your partner, giving them full control over your pleasure. Whether in public or private settings, with a press of a button, you’ll feel the exhilaration of being controlled or in control, synchronizing your heartbeat with the waves of pleasure. Alternatively, you can also take control yourself, adjusting the vibration intensity to achieve the optimum level of pleasure.

9 Vibration Modes

From gentle and subtle vibrations to intense and powerful ones, from regular continuous vibrations to sporadic patterns, you can choose the mode that suits your preferences. Moreover, it features a unique vibration pattern that varies between the head and the tail, providing stimulation in different areas. It’s like experiencing a feast of simultaneous pleasure from two different sources! Don’t worry, this little companion produces very low noise, allowing you to enjoy it to the fullest in a quiet environment.

Tips for Using the Remote Vibrating Egg

Firstly, ensure that it is fully charged before use to guarantee a prolonged usage time. Secondly, don’t forget to use a water-based lubricant for a smoother and more comfortable experience. Carefully insert the vibrating egg into your body, adjust its position, and feel the dual stimulation inside and out. Lastly, use the remote controller to adjust the vibration modes and intensity, and indulge in your intimate moment. Most importantly, don’t rush to achieve climax. Instead, savor the stimulating process and immerse yourself completely.

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