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Nipple Clamps With Chain

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Price: $12.9 – $36.9
Minimum Order Quantity: Yes
Custom Available: Yes

Features of nipple clamps with chain

If you want to add a different kind of excitement to your nights, you must try nipple clamps with chain. Ignite your partner’s primal instincts and engage in a wild sexual game. So let’s take a closer look at the features:

1. Body-safe materials

The clamps are made of sturdy steel, ensuring stability and durability. You can adjust the clamps according to your personal preference to find the most comfortable level of pressure. Additionally, the clamps are covered with soft silicone material, which protects the nipples and provides a comfortable sensation. To add more fun, the chain is adorned with purple bells that produce a pleasurable sound with every gentle movement.

2. Adjustable clamps

Sometimes, you may desire a gentle touch, allowing the nipples to be delicately gripped. Other times, you may crave a more intense stimulation. So these nipple clamps are designed to meet your needs. They come with a rotating adjustment knob, allowing you to easily customize the clamping force to your liking, providing just the right amount of stimulation for maximum satisfaction.

3. Non-piercing clamps with chain

For those who are afraid of or uncomfortable with nipple piercing, these clamps with chain serve as an excellent choice. Simply attach the clamps to the nipples and let the chain hang gently on the chest, enjoying the arousing sensation caused by the swinging chain. Along with the purple bells, which produce a jingling sound as your body moves, it creates an exhilarating experience.

Nipple Clamps With Chain Usage tips

1. Ensure that the nipples and surrounding skin are dry and clean to avoid unnecessary discomfort.
2. Relax the nipples before attaching the clamps to make it easier.
3. Gently clamp the nipples and adjust the pressure using the adjustment knob to find the desired level of stimulation. During use, you can slowly move your body to make the chain swing and enjoy the sound of the bells, savoring the stimulating pleasure. Remember to control the intensity and duration according to your own comfort level and avoid excessive stimulation.
4. If you desire a stronger stimulation, gradually increase the clamping force. However, be cautious not to overtighten to prevent discomfort or injury. Remember, comfort and safety are key when using any sex toys.

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