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Glass Anal Toy

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Price: $8 – $26.9
Minimum Order Quantity: Yes
Custom Available: Yes

Features of the Glass Anal Toy :

If you enjoy adult novelty products that resemble gemstones or crystals, then you will definitely love glass anal toy. Read on to discover their unique features:

Material and Design

The most distinctive attribute of the glass anal toy is its construction from glass. Shimmering with transparency, it glistens under the light like a captivating crystal. The glass material not only adds to its aesthetic charm but also serves a practical purpose. Any dirt or foreign matter on its surface is immediately visible, eliminating hidden dangers and ensuring cleanliness. Holding it in your hand, you’ll feel a cool, soothing sensation. However, for those who prefer a gentler touch, a simple soak in warm water promptly imbues the toy with a comforting warmth, thanks to the exceptional thermal conductivity of glass.

Smoothness and Ease of Use

The glass anal toy presents an ultra-smooth surface, almost as if friction does not exist. Coupled with its conically shaped head, this toy glides effortlessly with just a touch of lubricant. The smooth glass material and the tapered design work together to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Variety in Size

it typically comes in three different sizes. During the tantalizing moments of foreplay, starting with the smaller size gradually introduces your body to the presence of this intimate companion, facilitating muscle relaxation and a gradual adaptation to its presence. As comfort and familiarity grow, transitioning to the next size becomes an exhilarating step towards heightened pleasure. With each progression, your anal opening yearns for more intense stimulation, eagerly anticipating the forceful thrusts that lie ahead. When the time is ripe, the largest size can be employed directly, providing gratification as it targets your most sensitive areas, bringing unparalleled satisfaction.

Ease of Cleaning in Glass Anal Toy

After use, cleaning a glass anal toy is as simple as washing a glass cup. If you have any concerns about cleanliness, the toy can be placed directly into boiling water for sterilization. There’s no need to worry about the glass melting or losing its shape – it’s designed to withstand high temperatures.

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