How to Sell Adult Toys on Amazon and eBay?

There is always a strong market demand for adult toys, with countless people using or attempting to use them. However, due to their unsuitable nature for minors, adult toys are categorized as high-restriction items on mainstream platforms, which limits operational and promotional efforts. Below, we will explore how to sell adult toys on Amazon and eBay.

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Selling Adult Toys on Amazon

Selling adult products on Amazon involves addressing three challenges:

1. How to increase exposure and visibility?

Amazon prohibits internal advertising for adult toys, prompting many sellers to seek ways to circumvent this restriction. According to Amazon’s platform policies across its sites, adult toys can only be listed under the “Adult Products” category as “New” items. Sellers must strictly adhere to Amazon’s policies regarding adult products, such as no nudity in product images and no sexual implications in descriptions. The category path specified is as follows:

Selling Adult Toys on Amazon 1

However, if the product is placed under the Adult Products category, it cannot be actively promoted through internal advertising, resulting in limited exposure and visibility. Therefore, some sellers choose to list adult toys, such as dildos, under categories like massage tools to promote them internally and gain more exposure. For example:

Selling Adult Toys on Amazon 2

But please note: this practice of advertising adult toys under other categories violates Amazon’s platform selling policies. If the review team discovers this, the product may be removed, and the seller’s store may be temporarily suspended or closed. The chances of successfully appealing a removed listing are low, and any remaining listings may be moved to the designated category specified by Amazon. As a result, exposure and visibility may significantly decrease or even disappear. To address the issue of increasing exposure and visibility on Amazon, it is recommended to upload your products under the designated category and focus on driving external traffic to your Amazon store. The direction of promotion should be primarily focused on how to attract traffic from external sources. Although this method may seem slower, it will at least prevent your store from being penalized due to policy violations.

2. What price range of products to sell?

As of March 23, 2024, the average price of the top 50 BSR (Best Sellers Rank) links for dildos on Amazon’s US site was $23.85. The lowest price was $7.99, and the highest price was $59.99. The proportion of newly listed products in the last three months accounted for 4%.

Selling Adult Toys on Amazon 3

Among them, products priced at $30 and below accounted for the highest proportion, reaching 62%. 30% of the products were priced between $10 and $20. This price range is also the most competitive.

Selling Adult Toys on Amazon 4

Therefore, when selling adult toys on the Amazon platform, it is essential to consider the price range of the products, avoiding highly competitive products and products that are too expensive and may not attract buyers.

3. How to write titles and product descriptions?

When writing titles and descriptions, it is important to highlight privacy and user experience to effectively improve sales conversion rates. No one wants others to know what they have purchased, as everyone values privacy protection. Describing the real user experience can make customers feel as if they are experiencing the product themselves, attracting them to place an order. The following data supports this viewpoint:

Taking the product ranked 1st on Amazon’s BSR list (as of the end of March) as an example:

Selling Adult Toys on Amazon 5

As seen, the product’s discounted price is $11.99, and it has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. In the listing title, the seller clearly indicates the product’s advantages (good user experience), size (7.3 inches), and usage (adult sex toy). Similarly, in the product description (shown in the image below), the seller mentions the product’s material and customer privacy protection:

Selling Adult Toys on Amazon 6

Analyzing the reviews of the top 20 BSR links for dildos on Amazon’s US site, we find that the keywords for positive reviews (4-star to 5-star) mainly focus on:
– Good user experience (experience, texture, size, length, etc.)
– Versatile usage scenarios (bedroom, bathroom, handheld, or wall/floor placement)
– Gift-giving (friends, sexual partners, wedding gifts, prank gifts)

On the other hand, 1-star to 2-star negative reviews mainly revolve around:
– Discrepancies between the actual product and the description (size, material, etc.)
– Insufficient durability
– Allergenicity
– Poor user experience

Therefore, when uploading products on Amazon, it is crucial to spend time crafting impactful titles and product descriptions rather than writing them haphazardly. Well-written titles and descriptions can significantly enhance your selling efforts.

Selling Adult Toys on eBay

When selling adult toys on eBay, most sellers can only list them by registering a store through an account manager and applying for whitelist access. Generally, individual sellers are not allowed to list products in this category. eBay allows sellers who have obtained selling qualifications to advertise their products on the platform.

Using “dildo” as a search keyword on eBay, the products are categorized under Health & Beauty -> Health Care -> Sexual Wellness -> Adult Toy:

Selling Adult Toys on eBay

When filtering by Best Match, the following products are found:

Selling Adult Toys on eBay 2

From the image, you can see that the product title indicates the material (silicone), the current selling price is $33.24, it has sold 244 units, and the return window is 30 days. In the detailed description, the seller also mentions the privacy policy, product material, estimated delivery time, and the product’s condition (brand new):

Selling Adult Toys on eBay 10

Based on the feedback, consumers are concerned about whether the product matches the description, shipping costs, delivery time, and privacy protection. Sellers who respond quickly usually receive higher ratings.

At last, whether selling adult toys on Amazon or eBay, the difficulties and solutions are similar and can be mutually referenced.

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