How to Analyze Your Competitors When Selling Adult Toys?

Competitive analysis is essential when selling adult toys online. While your focus may be on serving customers well to generate a steady stream of orders, your competitors are also paying attention to you. They may be replicating your methods or even poaching your customers. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand what your competitors are up to.

Today, let’s delve into how to analyze your competitors in the adult products industry.

How to Conduct Adult Toys Competitor Analysis

To conduct a high-quality competitor analysis, remember always to be objective and conduct thorough research. Competitor analysis helps you understand what works for your site, what doesn’t, and how you can differentiate yourself. Consider the following factors when conducting competitor analysis:

1. Understanding Your Competitors:

Build a list for competitor analysis by first identifying who your competitors are. This list includes businesses you consider your main competitors as well as those indirectly competing with your business. This part of competitor analysis also includes information on companies likely to enter the market soon. Once you have a list of competitors, you’ll find it easier to see which areas require your greatest attention and where your biggest challenges might lie.

2. Understanding Competitors’ Products:

This step involves a deep analysis of the products or services your competitors offer. Specifically, it includes understanding product features, value propositions, target audiences, and traffic trends. Observe how your competitors market themselves and the platforms they use—understand the benefits these platforms bring them. If possible, try to understand how your customers perceive your competitors and what feedback they receive.

3. Understanding Competitors’ Strengths and Weaknesses:

One of the most crucial parts of competitor analysis in marketing is analyzing your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Objectively assessing your competitors’ products and services is vital, much like evaluating your own. If you see a competitor rapidly growing, try to understand how their products or services contribute to that growth. Pay attention to opportunities to better understand your competitors’ advantages and disadvantages.

4. Understanding Competitors’ Strategies and Goals:

Observe what your competitors are doing. To understand what your competitors are planning, consider their marketing strategies, how they advertise, their customers, distribution channels they use, and anything observable or discoverable through strategic analysis.

5. Understanding Your Market:

To conduct a comprehensive competitor analysis, you need to understand not only your competitors but also the current market and the potential for your products. Try to understand whether demand for your products is growing or remaining stable, which can help you gauge the level of competition you’re facing. If the market is segmented into smaller parts, perhaps you’ll find a niche market that interests you, which you can develop in the future.

Finding the perfect competitor analysis template can be challenging. However, observing your surroundings will help you plan and shape your decisions in competition now and in the future.

How to Analyze Your Competitors When Selling Adult Toys

Competitor Analysis Techniques

1. Browse Best-Selling Adult Toys: Some online stores lack a best-seller list, but many Shopify stores allow you to add “?-sellers” to the URL to find the top sellers in each category. However, some sellers now block these URLs, so this method may not work for all stores.

2. Add Items to Shopping Carts on Competitors’ sites: This often triggers retargeting ads or abandoned cart emails, providing deeper insights into how they market their brand. You’ll see patterns in how they showcase products, their wording, and marketing strategies.

3. Browse Their Website Pages: Do they have an active blog? How do they present their About Us page? What type of information do their product pages include? Do they use supplier images or their own? Analyze every detail of their store.

4. Read Comments on Their Website or Social Media: What kinds of comments do they receive? Positive, neutral, or negative? Turn negative feedback into your advantage and see if you’re making similar mistakes. While leaving negative comments on competitors’ websites or social media can be satisfying, it’s best avoided.

5. Use SEO Tools to Identify Competitors’ Keywords: Identify which keywords your competitors rank for. Create content around these keywords to drive more traffic to your own store.

6. Note Competitors’ Use of Social Networks: You’ll want to be on the same platforms as your competitors. However, also look for niches online where there’s a greater opportunity for your brand to profit.

7. Use Price Comparison Websites: ( to understand how your competitors price their products. While you don’t want to compete on price, it helps to understand the price range for your products. Remember, if you’re dropshipping, you’ll never win a price war because you’re not the manufacturer or the sole seller.

How to Conduct Adult Toys Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis Tools

1. Google Alerts ( sends email alerts when there are updates on searched content. For example, if you add your brand name as a “mention,” you’ll be notified when new content online mentions your brand, including reviews, news articles, or publications. However, you can also use it to stay informed about your competitors or niche market, keeping you updated on industry developments.

2. Similarweb ( allows you to view website traffic, keyword volumes, and traffic sources from different channels.

3. Website Grader ( is a competitor analysis tool that grades websites, evaluating factors such as performance, mobile shopping, SEO, and security. It provides ratings based on various aspects, from page speed to mobile responsiveness—your goal should be above 90%.

4. SpyFu ( lets you see which keywords a brand ranks for and how much they bid. It shows the keywords that are most profitable for competitors, helping you optimize your campaigns more effectively.

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