Clitoral Vibrators

Our Factory Can Wholesale or Custom Clitoral Vibrators

We can customize various sucking clitoral vibrator products based on your drawings or design them for you. The price is cheap. The website showcases only a few products. Please get in touch with us to receive a product catalog and pricing. Click here to contact

Clitoral Vibrators Product Showcase (Partial)

flicking Clitoral vibrator 1

Price: $17.9 – $88.9

Clitoral vibrators Types :

Clitoral vibrators can stimulate the clitoris through vibration, suction, or expansion to achieve orgasm, and are highly favored by women. Here are some common types:

Bullet-shaped Clitoral Vibrator: Small and portable, usually the size of a finger or lipstick, easy to hide and carry. Suitable for women who are new to using vibrators. Easy to operate, with various vibration modes, can be operated with one hand.

Tongue-shaped Clitoral Vibrator: It has a tongue-like component that can simulate the shape and motion of a tongue. It is soft but powerful, imitating oral sex through rapid vibration or swinging. The experience feels real and can be placed wherever you want to be licked, providing intense stimulation.

Rabbit-shaped Clitoral Vibrator: Usually has two vibrating parts, one for the clitoris and one for the internal vagina. The shaft has a rabbit-shaped design, and during penetration, the vibrating part of the rabbit shape can effectively stimulate the clitoris. It provides simultaneous stimulation to the clitoris and G-spot, delivering a dual pleasure.

Suction Clitoral Vibrator: It combines vacuum suction with vibration to simulate the feeling of oral suction. It usually has a concave design that fits against the desired stimulation area, providing a sensation of being sucked. The stimulation is unique and quickly leads to intense orgasms.

Advanced Smart Vibrator: Equipped with smart features, it can be controlled through a smartphone app to adjust vibration modes and intensity. It offers customizable vibration patterns and remote control capabilities, making it suitable for long-distance partner interactions.

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