Case Analysis of an Adult Toy Web & How to Sell

If you are planning to build your own website to sell adult toys, before that, you need to research what kind of website can attract people and how to promote and advertise the website. Next, let’s analyze and learn from the example of the LELO website.

What kind of website is LELO?

LELO is a Swedish brand of adult products, known as the “Hermes of the adult product industry.” Its products are exquisitely designed, meticulously crafted, with elegant curves, and incorporate various cutting-edge technologies and patented techniques. It exudes a high-end and sophisticated vibe. The LELO website ( uses product illustrations as the main images on its homepage, promoting its sales activities in a unique way. It features a countdown timer for promotional activities at the top, and the product categories are placed on the right side of the page, with a floating menu always visible.

Case Analysis of an Adult Toy Website 1

The website homepage uses a combination of real people and product images in the same color scheme, providing users with an immersive visual experience. Other sections include brand advertisement videos, award introductions, product articles, and user information/feedback collection.

Case Analysis of an Adult Toy Website 2

On the product detail pages, LELO thoughtfully uses a combination of text and images to explain the product design features and usage instructions to consumers:

Case Analysis of an Adult Toy Website 3

Therefore, the design of an adult toy website should not only follow a sexy route but also incorporate fashionable design elements, providing a different sensory experience and innovative functionality. It should break away from the traditional image of adult toys to enhance user engagement and website exploration. Additionally, it is important to focus on providing convenience for users’ shopping journey and guiding consumers to gain a deeper understanding of the products.

Operational Suggestions for Website Management

Pay-per-click advertising + content marketing

Facebook, Google, and other platforms are important traffic channels for websites. However, they impose many restrictions on advertising adult toys, making it challenging to run paid advertisements. To promote products, a website can focus on pay-per-click advertising (for quick exposure) and content marketing (for long-term stability).

Run Google ads for adult toys

LELO’s website receives an average of 2 million monthly visits, with natural search traffic as the main source, followed by direct traffic and paid search traffic. It is evident that running Google search ads remains the primary method to acquire website traffic.

Case Analysis of an Adult Toy Website 5

It is important to note that Google ads for adult toys, such as adult toys, lubricants, aphrodisiac drugs, and lingerie, are subject to moderate restrictions. They can only be displayed in specific circumstances, and the content must not be excessively explicit. The content displayed is influenced by local laws in the targeted advertising region, user search queries, and user age (cannot be shown to minors). Violating policies carries the risk of account suspension.

Case Analysis of an Adult Toy Web & How to Sell 2

Running Google image ads poses higher risks, as explicit adult content is more likely to be detected and banned. It is recommended for sellers to start with text-based search ads. LELO is a well-known brand overseas, and the website’s keywords mainly consist of brand-related terms, followed by product category terms.

Case Analysis of an Adult Toy Website 7

Case Analysis of an Adult Toy Website 8

Sellers in the early stages can choose keywords related to competitive product categories and relevant long-tail keywords, as well as the brand terms of competing products. They should write short texts that highlight product features and brand advantages, avoiding the use of explicitly sexual vocabulary. Further optimization can be done based on the target audience for the products.

Case Analysis of an Adult Toy Website 9

Utilizing TikTok and YouTube Videos for Content

LELO leverages the advantages of short videos on TikTok and develops content from an educational perspective. It invites influencers to create promotional videos for their products, resulting in high views and engagement rates. The brand’s related videos under the exclusive hashtag #wellwithlelo have accumulated a total of 5.4 million views.

Case Analysis of an Adult Toy Website 10

In addition, LELO has also established an official YouTube account. The popular videos mainly consist of unboxing and review collaborations with influencers, generating tens of thousands of views. Consumers are more inclined to search and discuss intimate products on social media platforms, making it an important channel for promoting adult products. Among them, video promotion is a more visually appealing form of expression. Brands can utilize the popularity and advantages of short videos on TikTok to join or create trending topics, attract audience attention, encourage potential users to engage in discussions, increase interaction rates, and then collaborate with YouTube to produce unboxing and review videos to reach a wider potential audience.

Increasing Fan Engagement through Instagram Photo Wall Gameplay

LELO has accumulated hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. The posted content includes short videos (repurposed TikTok videos) promoting collaborations with influencers, recreations of humorous and witty memes reflecting the brand’s essence, and discussion prompts related to intimate topics to encourage fan interaction and participation. The posts receive a high number of likes and engagement rates.

Case Analysis of an Adult Toy Website 11

This visually appealing image-based platform offers vast creative possibilities. Brands can also incorporate entertainment and humor elements into their promotional and educational posts, creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere to connect with users and fans, thereby enhancing user and fan loyalty.

Activating Users through Email Remarketing

LELO uses email marketing for customer acquisition and retention, sending an average of 2.46 emails per week. The email layout resembles well-designed long-image posters, highlighting the brand’s latest promotional activities and product discounts. Eye-catching call-to-action buttons and dynamic countdown widgets are added to create a sense of urgency for consumers.

Case Analysis of an Adult Toy Web & How to Sell 45

Case Analysis of an Adult Toy Web & How to Sell 46

Therefore, after accumulating a certain number of potential users and customer email addresses through paid advertising, brands can design targeted marketing campaigns for different audience segments. They can create well-crafted and attention-grabbing promotional emails, complemented by discount offers, limited-time flash sales, and other activities, to attract customers to make purchases. Additionally, brands can provide customers with health-related information, such as tips for maintaining good health or managing stress, to maintain ongoing customer relationships.

Promoting through Facebook Ads

Facebook has stricter regulations regarding adult products and content. Ads must not contain explicit adult content, such as nudity or explicit or implicit descriptions of sexual positions, or include excessive sexual innuendos or provocations. Ads must not promote the sale or use of adult products or services, except for family planning and contraception ads. The ad landing page and promotional images and copy must comply with all regulations, as violating policies can lead to account suspension.

For sellers looking to attract Facebook traffic, it is recommended to adhere to platform rules and create ads with subtle and ambiguous copy, using hazy and artistic imagery. Alternatively, modified product images can be blended within a collection of multiple images to deceive viewers. Sellers can refer to the approach taken by the Aneros brand, which posted an advertisement for their branded electric massager on Facebook. The image depicted the product’s shape with subtle cartoon-like strokes, accompanied by the prominent text “goodvibes only,” conveying a positive atmosphere with a double entendre of “comfortable vibrating toy.” Sellers can take inspiration from this direction when creating paid advertising images and copy.

Case Analysis of an Adult Toy Website 13

Furthermore, it is advisable to use cloak programs and implement AB page redirection before running ads to reduce the risk of account suspension. Although these ads have higher conversion rates, their lifespan is limited, and they require significant time and effort, making them unsuitable for long-term promotion.

Optimizing Website SEO for Dual Enhancement of Ranking and Traffic

In addition to advertising traffic, optimizing website SEO can generate a significant amount of organic traffic. For example, the brand Kinkazoid achieved a monthly traffic of over 200,000 through SEO. Their product detail pages resemble comprehensive reviews, covering product descriptions, features, usage guides, and selection recommendations. The content needs to be extensive and of high quality for the website to compete for top rankings in a fiercely competitive environment.

Case Analysis of an Adult Toy Web & How to Sell 1

However, search engine optimization is not an overnight process. Once website rankings have been improved, proper maintenance is necessary to ensure long-term benefits.

Promoting through Adult Websites

Adult websites offer substantial traffic and a more targeted customer base. Sellers can choose to run PPC (pay-per-click) ads or engage in affiliate marketing on such websites.

Blogs and forums with strong relevance to adult toys/adult products: Sellers can contact site moderators to purchase advertising space or collaborate with influential bloggers on these platforms to publish product reviews and provide contact information.

Creating Unique Advertising Slogans

Vivid and interesting advertising slogans are also powerful toolsthat can attract potential customers. For adult product promotion, it is essential to create unique and memorable slogans that capture the essence of the brand or product while being tasteful and compliant with advertising regulations.

For example, the brand LELO uses the slogan “Unlock the Ultimate Pleasure” to convey the idea of their products providing a heightened and fulfilling experience. This slogan is concise, attention-grabbing, and conveys the brand’s promise effectively.

When creating advertising slogans, it is important to consider the target audience and the specific benefits or features of the product. A well-crafted slogan can resonate with customers and create a lasting impression, leading to increased brand recognition and sales.

Overall, a combination of various marketing strategies such as social media promotion, email remarketing, Facebook ads, website optimization, and collaborations with adult websites can help promote adult products effectively. It is crucial to understand the regulations and guidelines associated with advertising adult products to ensure compliance and avoid any negative consequences.

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